Thursday, 5 January 2012

escort service allegations denied by German President Christian Wulff

Wulff: prostitution of wife is 'fiction'

 BERLIN - With many a story on the Internet to read about his wife Bettina (38), mentions "fabrications". This President Christian Wulff (52) of Germany said Wednesday in an interview with public broadcasters ARD and ZDF. Stories circulating online that the first tattooed former First Lady of Germany worked as a prostitute . Search the keywords "Bettina Wulff escort service" in Google gives over 7000 hits. Wulff said that blame is not explicit. Have asked the Christian Democrat to "human understanding" for the fact that he wanted to protect his family for a new "tax" to publications about private matters.

There were also corruption allegation against Christian Wulff from his time as a minister in Lower Saxony. He should however given a fair chance to respond to these allegations. The alleged Bettina Wulff escortservices Artemis or Chateau could not be reached for comments and it is unlikely they will make any public statements. Bettina Wulff was in celebrity gossip previously about her tattoo and also a public "Hitlergruss".

An interesting question should be why Christian Wulff is targeted right now? Many of the allegations and accusations of corruption where previously known at least as a rumour.

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